About Us

“During this volatile period in the music scene where we’ve seen an explosion in the number of independent music labels, Tribal Trap seems to have risen above the rest by consistently putting out powerful and deadly tunes. Recognised as one of the main channels that pioneered the Trap genre, any producer would be delighted to have a notch on their belt from the outlet.” (source thewaxhole.com)

Tribal Trap is a Dutch independent record label and promotional channel founded in 2013 by Stan Wittenberg. Over the years Tribal Trap's promotional channel has established a strong presence on networks like Youtube and Soundcloud resulting in over 1 million cumulative followers, after which an official record label was launched in early 2016 to expand the network further. Only two years after launch, the label is receiving over 500.000 daily listeners spread out over their socials and has been ranked as the 5th biggest label of the Netherlands by djmag.nl and rankingz.com