Skan: Remix Contest

After a whole bunch of epic releases with Skan, we thought it might be a good time to host a remix contest! Below we've included a link to the stems for 5 tracks: Herbalist, Emptiness, Living Hell, No Glory and Pop One More

You've got until July 15th 2018, to send in your remixes to - Skan and the Tribal Trap team will be listening to all submissions. On the deadline we'll pick the 5 best remixes (one for each track) to be officially released in Skan's Remix EP through Tribal Trap. 

  • Stems
  • Deadline: July 15th
  • Submit to:
  • Prizes: Skan/TribalTrap Merchandise + official release in the Remix EP 
  • Tracks: No Glory, Emptiness, Herbalist, Pop One More, Living Hell